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(March 2022)- Opposite Street

(December 2021)- Panto Park

(December 2019)- Pantocchio 

(March 2019) Charlie and the Awkward Factory

(December 2018) - Alice in Winterland

(July 2018) - The Unusual Suspects

(December 2017) - The Jingle Book

(April 2017) - Sevenish

(December 2016) - Peter Panto

(July 2016) - A2B

(March 2016) - H.M.Home

(December 2015) - The Wizard of Us

(July 2015) - 3 Minutes

(March 2015) - Three Little Pigs


(2017-today) Stratford Circus 

(January 2018) - Comeuppance

(January 2017) - Princess of the Graveyard Palace

The Box.jpg

(2016) Etcetera Theatre

The Box

Jill wasn't cut out to be cursed. She wasn't cut out to be a murderer...


Jack knows bad things are going to happen to her. They're already happening, and she can't escape...


Laura wants to help her, wants to save her – but what will it cost.


If everyone you love will die just because you love them; if one small act plunges you into a world where an amoral, unthinking, unfeeling, malignant force bit by bit destroys everything and everyone you care about - what will you do?



Jan van der Black

Penny Gkritzapi

Rebekah Powell

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