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I do not hope for anything. I fear nothing. I am free. 

(2014) Megaron, Doukissis Plakentias (Assistant Director)

Nothing exists! Neither life nor death. I watch mind and matter hunting each other like two nonexistent erotic phantasms- merging, begetting, disappearing- and I say: “This is what I want! I know now: I do not hope for anything. I fear nothing. I have freed myself from both the mind and heart, I have mounted much higher, I am free.” A tribute to Nikos Kazantzakis, through one of his masterpieces.


Director Marios Iordanou / Sofia Kazantzian



(2014) First Primary School of Atalanti (Director / Drama Teacher)

Atalanta was a famous Greek huntress and an exceptional athlete. She was also a favourite of the goddess Artemis because of her survival instinct, impressive skills, courage and noble character. Atalanta was known for her equality to men when it came to hunting or athletic accomplishments. She was abandoned upon birth by her father and was found and raised by hunters who determined her path. After successfully proven herself in Calydonian boar hunt, her father accepted her back and offered her a place at his palace. On the request, of her father, to get married, she put up a difficult challenge for the suitors. Anyone who wanted to marry the beautiful huntress had to beat her at her favourite foot race but if he lost, he would be killed. Only one had succeeded and when Atalanta finally married, and started to enjoy her new way of life, fates turned things around.

A show performed by thirty Year 7 students.

If I'm late go to sleep

If I'm late go to sleep

(2011) Simeio Theatre (Director)

A play written by Akis Dimou. This is a story of a building facing a stage or maybe a stage facing a building. Six characters, who are residents of this building are determined to be late, until the right time comes. Time to love and be loved. Six different stories of young people whose hearts beat fast. Preparing for the perfect date, sleeping on an empty bed, feeling betrayed, being in heaven when he/she kisses you, turning mad when the person you are in love with does not share the same feelings. Everyone can relate, how many of us though, express how we truly feel? Those six do.


With: Stavros Giannakopoulos, Assimenia Zissi, Stella Doglou, Ksenia Kozompoli, Thanos Peristeris, Stelios Kallistratis


Bang Bang, You're Dead

(2010) Trianon Theatre (Assistant Director)

Alone in the darkness, teenager Josh is woken by a flashlight and a voice asking, “Why me?” Quickly and to his confusion, four other voices join – these five characters (Michael, Katie, Matt, Jessie, and Emily) are Josh’s victims from his shooting rampage in the school cafeteria that morning. They have returned to him and force him to confront and relive the events that led to that moment: his first hunting experience, heartbreak when Katie “dumped him for Michael,” bullying voices from school, his violent threat on a chalkboard, being expelled from school, and finally being forced to see a psychotherapist. He contemplates suicide, but then chooses to take his aggression, anger, and depression out on others, fatally shooting both of his parents before going to his school. Ultimately, Josh realizes what he has done and its finality. This is not another video game, where he can click on Restart.

With: a cast of 21 students of the University of Fine Arts in Nafplio

Director Spyros Detsikas

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