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To koritsaki me ta spirta

(2013-2014) Thymeli Theatre

The classic story by Hans Christian Andersen of a child who is facing death, though still carries a hope for as long as a match lasts. This show has been running for twenty years and toured around Greece in big cities and small villages. Thymeli Theatre received the Dimitris Potamitis Award for Best Children’s Show

Directed by Elli Vozikiadou

Η κυρά της Θάλασσας.jpg


Diamond Sea

A site responsive performance during the 18th Festival of Nafplio, based on Henrik Ibsen’s, The Lady from the Sea. A powerful drama about longing and loss, making the audience question about their own lives. Does one decide to sink or swim?

Φρουτοσαλάτα 2.jpg

(2010) PKTheatre

Contemporary dance and plays, opera and greek folklore music

meet together on stage.


Directed by Feli Moschos/ Bitcy D production


(May 2010) EEK-OMMA

1st Film Academy Award Ceremony

Directed by Jenny Arseni


(2009) Trianon Theatre

Three one act plays by Alexandros Janos. Under the guidance of a music theatre and contemporary dance company, Bitchy D, this performance is a hymn to love and its sometimes cruel faces.

Directed by Feli Moschos/ Bitcy D production

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