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(2022) Etcetera Theare

An evening of new writing and audience feedback from 15 minute extracts of 3 London based writers.


(2022) Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Emma is 40, she has a husband, two kids, a semi with a conservatory, a pug and a full use of the PTA’s Costco card.

Karen is also 40, she has a reluctant fiancé of twenty years who refuses to commit, a hunger for the truth, a half- baked plan and a Vauxhall Zafira.

One of them thinks she’s at a school reunion.The other knows she’s not.

Boot is a manipulative, helter-skelter of a dark comedy that will have you questioning your own morals. What happens when things go too far..and there’s no way back?


Not Such Stuff

(2022) South London Theatre

Let the women speak: Shakespeare from the female point of view.

Alas, look again, for I am a person

And not such stuff as dreams are made on.

What if Shakespeare’s stories were told by the women from his plays? The answer: a raw, honest, and confrontational commentary on society and the female experience that’s as relevant today as it was 400 years ago.

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